B01 - Applications of computational hydraulics

Title: Applications of computational hydraulics
Type: Book
Edition: First
Authors: Fotopoulos F, Charalampakis A
Publisher: TechnoLogismiki
ISBN: 960-88473-0-3
Format: Papercover with CD-Rom
Pages: 264
Language: Greek
Date: January 2005


This book covers the following topics:

  • Water networks
  • Sewer and storm networks
  • Culverts
  • Uniform and non-uniform flow
  • Flood flow estimation and routing
  • Hydrograph synthesis

Each chapter is independent and includes the necessary theoretical background, several tables giving the most commonly used values and attributes for each variable and complete examples solved step-by-step, using the programs included in the accompanying CD-Rom. The Engineer, Professor or Student, will enjoy the variety of practical problems included in this edition and will have the chance to explore further hydraulic applications using the enclosed software.

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